Fort Bend County launches new COVID-19 Response Hub

Posted: March 25, 2020  |  2 min read

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From Fort Bend County Heath & Human Services

Original Press Release

Fort Bend County Health & Human Services, Fort Bend County Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Fort Bend County Homeland Security and Emergency Management has been working on launching a hub for information related to the unique COVID-19 response.

Fort Bend County GIS developed a comprehensive site COVID-19 Response Hub with current case data, resources, and preventive information for public and media use. The response hub will host all information and closures related to the COVID-19 response within Fort Bend County.

“As the numbers continue to climb, the individual data is interesting but not as useful as the aggregate data. COVID19 is affecting all ages, genders and is found in those who have traveled as well as those who have not. Our graphic representation presents a better picture of what is currently occurring in our county,” said Dr. Jacquelyn Minter, Director of Fort Bend County Health & Human Services and Local Health Authority.

The information will be updated on a daily basis with case data at 5:00pm.

“We want the public to have a place where they can find all of the information they need with this emergency. The information will be updated on a regular basis with 24/7 support from our staff,” said Penny Hornsby, GIS Administrator.

Additional COVID-19 Resources

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