Volunteer Firefighters

Willowfork Volunteer Fire Department consists of members of your community (your neighbors) who volunteer their time to help the firefighters at Willowfork Fire Rescue. Willowfork Fire Department has a reserve truck that is used to back-up the regular firefighters. As Fort Bend County ESD #2 grows, we hope to add more qualified members to the team. We train every week with the crews to stay proficient with changing technology and equipment. We, also, train on basics to make sure when the occasion arises we are there to help our neighbors. Unlike some other Texas communities that rely on a fully volunteer fire department, we are a hybrid with paid and volunteer firefighters.

As the emergencies keep changing, so does our team. With the recent floods during Hurricane Harvey, our volunteers put in over 300 hours of volunteer time. Since then, the department has added a rescue boat to our fleet of equipment. Our volunteers along with the regular firefighters now participate in swift water rescue training.

Willowfork Volunteer Fire Department is open to individuals with the background and/or the special interest in the fire service. All eligible applicants desiring memberhsip shall make application to the Secretary of the Willowfork Volunteer Fire Department. Eligible applicants shall become Associate Members of the Department upon approval of the Membership Committee.

Applicants for membership

  • Applicants for membership must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.
  • All applicants shall complete the Volunteer Application and submit to wfdvolunteers@willowforkfire.com. Application Link
  • All applicants shall be subject to a background and driver license check. Any applicant convicted of a felony, or other crime involving moral turpitude will not be considered for Membership.
  • All applicants must complete a physical exam and drug screen prior to acceptance into the department.
  • Voting on all applications for membership shall be by secret ballot at the next Business Meeting following successful completion of a training program (WVFD Cadet Academy) set forth by the Training Division and as approved by the Executive Committee.
  • After acceptance by the Membership, a new member will serve a six (6) month probationary period with a final review by the Membership Committee to certify as a full Active Member.
  • All applicants for membership must reside within a half of a mile of the Fort Bend County ESD #2 boundaries.