How We Serve

Values are at the core of public opinion. The way we handle ourselves both on and off duty define who we truly are and how the public characterizes us. 

Pride – Achieved through our knowledge and abilities

Loyalty – Always prioritizing the needs of the community ahead of our own

Integrity – Always maintaining moral principles and ethical conduct

Respect – Treating others as you would have them treat you

Trust – Reliance on the integrity, strength, and ability of our members

Compassion – Demonstrate kindness and understanding in our day-to- day dealings with each other and the people we serve.


We are committed to the preservation of the life and property of our community through a commitment to the rapid response by a highly trained, caring, and professional staff.

Educational Information

While our main service is to keep you, your possessions and your property safe, we are committed to serving the community in several other ways.

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Get informed. Prevent fires. Stay safe when emergencies happen. Please read and share our resources with all your friends and family.

Monthly Incident Response

Keeping you informed is a top priority. Please find below our Monthly Incident Response reports. 

Annual Response Total Summaries

Keeping you informed is a top priority. Please find below our Annual Response Total Summaries. 


Founded in 2003, Willowfork Fire Department has 25 full time and 60 part time personnel providing 24-hour daily coverage. Learn about our history and staff.